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It's here! I'm now launching my own small business in cooperation with The Broken and Beautiful, LLC called WHOLEcelebrationofyou. I'm grateful, excited, and ready to provide space and place for each person to grow in process and grief and feelings and boundaries and ALL of who each of US is made to BE! I offer group work in a fun interactive way to make learning fun and easy and to provide language for help in processing and finding YOU! I offer personal one on one space to provide processing of trauma of every kind. I am a registered nurse by profession with a certificate in narrative focused trauma care and body trauma work. My passion is trauma and uncovering YOU! My greatest qualification though is that I have processed and continue to process my own story and life and to learn and grow, believing I cannot take someone further than I am willing to go myself.

Please join me! I'm excited to meet and celebrate and process with YOU to find all that is lost or has been covered by life's scarring. YOU are worth the process of finding all YOU are made for!

Much love and thankful for the opportunity- Tiffany J Duren

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