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WHOLEcelebrationofyou was born out of the process of finding me through uncovering the trauma, celebration, grief and joy of my own life experience.  I am a registered nurse by profession. I have received a certificate of completion for the Narrative Focused Trauma Care at The Allender Center. I am body trauma, spiritual, emotional and sexual trauma informed.  I have been involved in group processing work for years in my own life experience and giving away what I received. I am passionate about continuing to extend what I've been given. I often come across people in everyday life hurting and waiting to be met with care, curiosity and kindness. I have a heart for those who have the courage to not just persevere and endure the pain in life or continue to avoid it but to reach out and allow another to walk through it with them to gain deeper connection, healing, and growth.  I want to provide a wide-open space to allow each person who is brave enough to ask for help to be met with a safe person to struggle and wrestle, to cry and laugh, to come into all WHOLENESS.  It's time to find YOU and all the beauty and life you are meant for!  Come and discover!

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